The knights templar persecution

Rise[ edit ] After Europeans in the First Crusade captured Jerusalem inmany Christians made pilgrimages to various sacred sites in the Holy Land. Although the city of Jerusalem was relatively secure under Christian control, the rest of Outremer was not. Bandits and marauding highwaymen preyed upon pilgrims, who were routinely slaughtered, sometimes by the hundreds, as they attempted to make the journey from the coastline at Jaffa through to the interior of the Holy Land. King Baldwin and Patriarch Warmund agreed to the request, probably at the Council of Nablus in Januaryand the king granted the Templars a headquarters in a wing of the royal palace on the Temple Mount in the captured Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The knights templar persecution

Direct Answers to Common Questions of Popular Interest Over the centuries, the Knights Templar has been the subject of many misconceptions, especially in the modern age of mass media.

Heavily popularized misunderstandings also created confusion for private researchers, and caused major determinative facts of the historical record to be wholly overlooked, even by professional academics. As a result, many interested persons come to the Templar Order burdened by certain popular misconceptions.

The knights templar persecution

All readers are therefore encouraged to explore the following clarifications on key topics of popular interest. It is hoped that this will empower the reader to explore the rest of this website with an open mind, and with renewed interest in the reality and substance of modern Templarism.

Please click on the popular topics below, for direct answers to key questions about the Order of the Temple of Solomon, as The knights templar persecution direct continuation of the historical institution of the original Knights Templar, and related membership topics.

Proprietary Research — This site presents new and original research, which is proprietary, from primary sources in the historical record.

The numbered source references are the verifiable evidence of all relevant facts. The Templar Order now shares this with the general public for the first time, as part of its core mission of restoring venerable traditions as the pillars of civilization. Full Public Evidence Proving All Facts — All facts in these materials are abundantly proven publicly, directly from primary sources of the historical record and authoritative scholarship, presented as verifiable academic source references, in hundreds of numbered footnotes, consisting of conclusive evidence provided for the world to see.

Diversity of Chivalric Legitimacy for the Modern Era Many Chivalric Orders exist in the modern era, of varying types and degrees of legitimacy, each of which developed under unique circumstances. The basis for each Order creates a category of opinion or expectations for each approach.

This has resulted in a great diversity of competing theories of legitimacy, many contradictory, and each modeled after different Orders.

No single Chivalric Order can possibly satisfy all of the competing theories, many of which contradict each other. For the Order of the Temple of Solomon of AD as a historical institution, there is only one real issue for legitimacy as the direct continuation of the original Knights Templar: It must have a meaningful connection to the founding authorities of its historical Grand Mastery, as the basis for legal and canonical Magistral Succession, which also must be supported by substance and authenticity of Doctrinal Succession.

In other words, it must have a direct lineal, legal and canonical connection to the founding bases of the original Templar Order, and it must embody and teach the authentic Templar heritage in its spiritual and cultural fullness. The original Templar Order is unique, possessing multiple and alternative sources of chivalric legitimacy.

Driven by a profound sense of responsibility for preserving this historical institution, university historians backed by international law firms completed an intensive seven-year project to restore the Order. The modern Templar Order has reassembled and restored all aspects of its original sources of legitimacy, as evidenced in the historical record, carefully balancing each basis with the others: Succession was reestablished from the ancient Templar Priesthood which the first Knights recovered by excavating the Temple of Solomon [1] [2] [3] [4] [5], as the founding Ecclesiastical authority of the original Grand Mastery.

Succession was additionally reconnected from a legalized Royal line of King Fulk of Jerusalem which legally carries the founding Royal authority of the original Grand Mastery [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13].

This achieved full Royal Protection by an official Letters Patent Both forms of Magistral Succession legally establish permanent and independent sovereignty of the Order in its own right, as a Principality of statehood, thus governed by a Prince Grand Master, and inherently possessing its own independent Fons Honourum as a historical institution [14].

The Order is recognized by a licensed international Court as an official government exercising statehood. Ces Grand Seigneurs aux Blancs Manteaux, p. Addison, The History of the Knights Templarp.

The Lost Treasure of the Templars, Londonp. Selected Sources, Manchester University Presspp. Addison, The History of the Knights Templarpp. Birth of the Orderhistorian for Daily Telegraph of London, article. Selected Sources, Manchester University Pressp.

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Nobility Titles Part of Templar Tradition of Meritocracy The original Templar Order was formed during a time when rules and protocols of royalty and nobility were deeply rooted cultural norms and even legal requirements.

Holding nobility titles, and knowing the many rules and traditions for correct use of titles, is deeply ingrained in authentic Templar heritage.

Indeed, Knighthood itself is a nobility title, and Hereditary Knight Baronet is a rank of nobility. However, the Knights Templar strictly rejected the use of titles for self-aggrandizement. Following the ancient tradition of the legendary Arthurian Knights of the Round Table, all Knights and Dames are Templars, and all Templars come to the table as equals.

The Templar Order itself was founded under Royal patronage of the Kingdom of Jerusalem granted in AD [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6], and formalized at the Council of Nablus in AD [7]by the first nine Knights who all held nobility titles and were all family relatives of King Baldwin II [8], backed by two Counts as nobility patrons.

The majority of Templar Knights throughout the middle ages were titled nobility [11]. The Temple Rule of AD, which remains the primary law of the Order, clearly requires modesty and humility, and prohibits any self-glorification [12].

The modern Templar Order holds legal legitimacy to grant official knighthood in nobility, to issue other titles of nobility in rare casesand various traditional titles of office.The Supreme Military Order of the Jerusalem Temple is a ministry of Templar Church, (

As a legally constituted church in the USA, Templar Church is a non-profit organization and all donations to Templar Church or it’s ministries are tax deductible. The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (Latin: Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici), also known as the Order of Solomon's Temple, the Knights Templar or simply the Templars, were a Catholic military order recognised in by the papal bull Omne datum optimum.

The order was founded in . In or , the military orders (the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller) and their leaders, including Jacques de Molay, Otton de Grandson and the Great Master of the Hospitallers, briefly campaigned in Armenia, in order to fight off an invasion by the Mamluks.

The fraternity of Freemasonry emphasizes the metaphorical Temple of Solomon conceptually, and concentrates on the symbolic aspects of its physical construction by highly advanced stone work in ancient times.

The knights templar persecution

In , Templar Knights once again defended Acre, but this time were defeated and all Templar knights within the city walls died. The Holy Land was lost, 20, Templars had died in its defense. Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master, took office in and toured Europe to .

Templar, also called Knight Templar, member of the Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, a religious military order of knighthood established at the time of the Crusades that became a model and inspiration for other military orders.

Originally founded to protect Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land, the order assumed greater military duties .

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