Simple essay on can computer replace books

We have the need to use computers for everything.

Many people think that computers should replace textbooks because they are cheaper. However, I believe that computers should not replace textbooks.

Simple essay on can computer replace books

Spending time on a computer can actually decrease concentration. I can actually relate to this concept within my own life. I was homeschooled on the computer from 3rd grade to 7th grade. I used only online textbooks all five of those school years. To be completely honest, I normally did other things like listen to music or play games as I attempted to read the computerized book.

Therefore, using the computer rather than a hardcover textbook showed many more distractions and much less concentration.

Simple essay on can computer replace books

This actually surprised me that at first, I thought it was just an opinionated statement; but they had facts to prove it to be true. However, the license to use the textbook on the iPad would only last one year.

Replacing textbooks with computers would also jeopardize your physical health. My mom works within the field of technology and computers.

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It is because she sits in front of the computer all day that she has obtained injuries. These injuries that she has gotten are: However, these are only a few of the injuries my mother and students could get.

If schools were to replace textbooks with computers, kids would be at a higher risk of receiving: Therefore, by replacing textbooks with computers, you are also increasing the risk of injury.Mar 10,  · In summary, it can be said that reasons which mentioned above make books or other written materials irreplaceable.

In addition, from my point of view, a pleasure of reading from books, especially in original, . Essay on computer and internet brainly vocabulary essay freedom writers book online download purpose of writing an essay types do my research paper for me simple essay about love example essay software writing practice exercises pdf, Can computers replace books essay quotes.

I can see why someone would think that computers will soon replace books. The computer is already trying to get a head start by allowing computer users the choice of making the infamous e-book. These books are electronic books (hence the abbreviation "e-book") that is known as a book produced in electronic format.

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One of the largest areas that technology can replace books is in the education system.

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