How feminism harms womens health care

However, in the case of women's health care, there's very little ambiguity. Women should be aware of what these problems look like, so that they can identify doctors who similarly understand them and can fairly diagnose and treat them. I had a headache that lasted for years.

How feminism harms womens health care

Cancel It created a world where we view women as victims. The hard truth is that Feminism in all its ramifications portray women as victims. The tenets of feminism makes people see women as victims of rape, victims of on the job discrimination, victims of patriarchy and victims of all that is wrong in the world.

Feminism teaches everyone that women are victims. This portrayal of the women folk as against the strong minded people they are does much more harm than good to women. You can be a woman and not be a victim. You can be a capable adult who can handle all the issues of life without being a victim.

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It created the illusion that women fight with other women. Feminism has created an illusion in which people believe that when a woman disagrees with another woman, it is completely a normal thing simply because women fight with one another all the time.

This stereotype is completely wrong but unfortunately, this illusion abounds. The fact is Women like Men fight, but they do not fight all the time. People are different in a number of different ways.

People generally have different opinions, experiences, values and thought processes regarding issues and as such, disagreement is more natural and likely to happen than agreement. You might want to ask how shackling to the thoughts and ideas of every other woman out there and removing the freedom to criticise someone freely help to empower you or espouses feminism?

It shuts down interesting and fruitful conversation including progress. It promoted the idea that women are fragile and infantile. Feminism goes on and on about how everyone can make the world a safer place for women.

The fact is feminism is based on making other people change to accept the beliefs of a few and not necessarily about empowering women to deal with the world. Subconsciously, this makes a lot of people believe that the womenfolk are basically fragile creatures that may break and shatter at the slightest provocation.

No one needs a culture, set of proposed rules or a tag in order to change the fragile and infantile perception neither do women need people to watch what they say in my presence.

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Women simply need people that would treat them like they would treat any other person irrespective of their gender, age or race. Take for instance a woman that believes she is better off living an active life by working and achieving goals outside the home as opposed to a passive life of nurturing the dreams of others inside the home.

The Apex of Ignorance No human should judge one lifestyle as being better than another, but if we are to critically view it, the moment feminism is removed from the equation, everyone does it everyday but in a healthy manner.

We all have the right to choose the lifestyle we want and we probably chose the one we have or want to have over many others we had access to. Everyone makes decisions based on their judgments. This is natural, human, and healthy.In addition, these women explored activism in other areas of women's health: sterilization abuse, lesbian health care, feminist psychotherapy, birthing practices and midwifery, workplace health issues and access to new or alternative methods of contraception, to name a few.

Re-emerging feminism was concerned chiefly with opening doors for women to professional and public life, and later embraced advocacy of sexual freedom as well.

Yet participation in public life is significantly complicated by responsibility for children, while uncommitted sexual activity is the most effective way of producing unwanted pregnancies.

How feminism harms womens health care

Jul 06,  · How Sexism and Implicit Bias Hurt Girls and Women's Health Sometimes, the effects of sexism and implicit gender bias are difficult to show. However, in the case of women's health care. How Feminism Harms Women.

How feminism harms womens health care

like us on facebook. Your health and well-being. For example, when you’re taking care of a child or a parent, you’re in your masculine energy because you’re. Feminism hurts women too It's not exactly uncommon knowledge that feminism has a penchant for man-hating and such; even when some people try to explain it away, the mere concept of things like patriarchy kind of steamroll right over their excuses.

However feminism doesn't just cause problems for men it actually harms women . A feminist model of practice is grounded in feminist theories that are applicable to the health and health care of women. The goal of this model is to change how health care is delivered to individual women, but also to seek social transformation.

A feminist model for women's health care.