Hivaids patients in zambia are they cared for essay

African Americans have the highest rate of new HIV infections. African Americans and Latinos account for approximately two-thirds of the United States federal and state prison population.

Hivaids patients in zambia are they cared for essay

Life expectancy among people living with HIV has improved significantly as a result of scaled-up treatment programmes in recent years. Women are disproportionately affected by HIV, with prevalence among young women more than double that of young men.

Inaround 41, adults and 7, children became newly infected with HIV in Zambia. The discrepancy exists due to a variety of complex and overlapping factors. Zambian society and culture is extremely patriarchal, limiting the power of women in relationships.

Young women are significantly more likely to have an older partner who may be living with HIV already; they are also likely to experience their first sexual intercourse at a younger age. Education attainment is also higher among young men than young women, which means men are more likely to be exposed to HIV education.

In72, children aged years were living with HIV, andchildren and adolescents years have been orphaned by AIDS since the epidemic began. As a result of ineffective or inaccessible treatment, 3, children died of AIDS-related illness in The programme, which began in and is funded by the M.

C AIDS Fund, provides youth-friendly rooms staffed by teen peer educators in eight government health facilities in suburban areas. The teenagers are trained in providing other adolescents with information and counselling on HIV, AIDS and family planning, free condoms, rapid HIV testing, and treatment adherence support.

Hivaids patients in zambia are they cared for essay

Each room also has a library and internet access, and offers dance, drama and sports activities. I told myself that if others could find hope, then I could do it too. In18, people were estimated to be engaging in sex work, around half of whom Many sex workers reported that some circumcised clients bought sex before their wounds had healed and tried to negotiate unprotected sex due to their circumcision; both of these actions directly put sex workers at risk of HIV.

What is currently known is that men who have sex with men experience a heightened vulnerability to HIV for a variety of reasons including alcohol abuse, low levels of education, low economic status and being subjected to discrimination.

However, much higher HIV prevalence is reported elsewhere: Migrants Many Zambians of both sexes move around the country seeking work.

Regions where this is more common, such as Lusaka and Copperbelt sit alongside the main transport routes - in these areas, HIV prevalence is higher than in other regions. HIV prevalence was not reported. This is unusual and is due to female migrants experiencing exploitation, abuse and gender-based violence both on their journeys and at their destinations.

Inthe most recent official data available, prevalence was estimated at It found inmates who had completed TB treatment often chose to continue sleeping in TB-isolation cells, alongside prisoners with active TB, as they were less crowded than general population cells.

While HIV testing and treatment have improved in some Zambian prisons, serious gaps remain, particularly in smaller, rural prisons.Patients with AIDS Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

HIV causes the human immune system to be altered, causing the human body to be vulnerable to infections and diseases. AIDS is a growing virus in the human race affecting men, women, and children. Post on Apr views. Category: Documents. 0 download.

Hivaids patients in zambia are they cared for essay

Report. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin full text of "ensuring early diagnosis and access to treatment for hiv/aids: can federal resources be more effectively targeted?see other formats.

HIV and AIDS AIDS and HIV are both very serious conditions that can occur within the body if one does not take care of themselves and practice safe sex. AIDS is the disease caused by HIV.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. /5(10).

Condemned by the established, but very often right The HIV prevalence rate among adults in Zambia has changed little over the last decade despite decreasing infection rates Zambia.
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