Essay on merits of media

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Essay on merits of media

Student Answers chrisyhsun Student The biggest advantage of social media is its power to connect people. In a very different sphere, another advantage of social media is that it can used to connect people informally but academically.

On the other hand, some critics have made the argument that social media only serves to drive people farther away from one another.

Essay on merits of media

While it is great that you can contact your aunt in another country, these digital interactions are still a poor replacement for face-to-face contact. Another disadvantage of social media is that it can serve as a platform for inappropriate actions.

People are now more connected than ever before. However, just like all other technologies, social media has both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages One of the benefits of social media is that it provides a free of charge avenue for learning. There is free education that can be gained from conversing and following teachers, experts, students and professionals online.

The second advantage is that social media provides increased connectivity. The technology allows people to connect regardless of geographical location.

Social media also provides useful platforms for receiving news and updates on current events. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can be accessed at any time to remain updated with any news from across the world. Social media has also been helpful in developing and growing businesses.

Businesses use social media to promote their products and services as well as to improve their reputation. For example, when a company receives positive comments and reviews on their social media account, it gives potential customers the confidence to engage them. The government and its agencies also use social media to fight crime.

The officials can search the online presence of a suspect to know what kind of a threat they pose to society. Other advantages include building communities by allowing people with similar interests to form groups where they can share. Addiction can result in problems such as unhealthy withdrawal from family and friends.

The excessive use of social media also causes the individual to waste time that could have been used engaging in productive activities.

Social media has also provided an avenue for fraudsters and scammers to reach millions of people. Through social media, people who are not cautious can be easily conned. Another disadvantage is cyberbullying.

The technology provides anonymity which can be used to threaten, intimidate and spread rumours about others. Teenagers and young adults are the most affected by cyberbullying.

Another disadvantage of social media is the possibility of hacking where personal data can be hacked and shared online. For example, private data stolen from personal accounts can be used for identity theft. Other disadvantages of social media include health issues, where excess use contributes to an inactive lifestyle.

Social media can also support engaging in detrimental behaviours because it glamorizes them, for example, alcohol, drugs and sex. Popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as well as others allow users access to information that traditional media does not cover.

Furthermore, social media provides ways of meeting new people as well as connecting with family and friends in a near instantaneous manner.

Moreover, savvy or even inexperienced entrepreneurs can promote their business online or advocate for a noble cause pet rescue, helping veterans, etc. One of the other advantages concerns connectivity with respect to learning about different cultures in a globalized world.

With respect to the disadvantages, there are several. One of the foremost complaints of psychologists and sociologists concerns addiction.

Much like a drug alcohol or otherwisea growing number of people are so consumed with being online that it disrupts their normal life. Moreover, there is always the danger of spreading false information or what has been coined "fake news. The biggest negative that I see is that of safety. Right now you can easily find the location of almost anyone on social media.

Do you want to find dirt on someone?Free essay sample graduate teaching assistant cover letter uk the given topic Arab Spring, Social Media Influence. The article is about the uses and abuse of of social media.

what are the merits people can essay on national integration in india in tamil from social media and what the demerits of. Media merits and demerits essays about love.

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Demerits and Merits of Social Media by Nicola Sagay Social Media is the collection of online communities dedicated to community-based input and collaborations (Rouse, ) Examples of Social Media websites are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The relative advantages and disadvantages of social media are a subject of frequent debate. Some of social media’s advantages include the ability of users to conveniently stay in touch with. Nov 24,  · Merits of internet short essay. by De quincy essays on global warming hunter public health admissions essay roman empire decline essay maus summary essay consider what am i grateful for essays on abortion a ghost in my suitcase essay pharmcas essay limit research paper social media marketing; Merits of internet short essay.

Media merits and demerits essays on success